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Assess, Address, and Report on your

Modern Slavery Risks.

Affordable supply chain risk reporting for your Modern Slavery Statement.

Watch a 3 minute Introduction to the Modern Slavery Assessment Tool (MSAT).

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Assess your operations and supply chain using trusted global frameworks and standards for assessing modern slavery risks.


Address gaps in modern slavery risk controls with built-in action plans.


Report on inherent and unmitigated risks with:

  • Individual supplier risk profiles

  • Aggregated supply chain insights, and;

  • A draft Modern Slavery Statement.


An Affordable Modern Slavery Assessment Tool for Every Company.

The Modern Slavery Assessment tool is the efficient & affordable way to conduct modern slavery supplier questionnaires, assess responses, and generate reports. Watch this short, 3 minute introduction to learn more.

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The World's Leading Supply Chain
Modern Slavery Assessment.


Easy-to-use Assessment Software

Reduce time and effort to administer supply chain assessments and collate response data


Expert Assessment Framework
Benchmark your organisation and suppliers using a globally adopted framework.


More Accurate Statements

Get detailed reports with supply chain insights, maps, and individual supplier action plans to easily produce your annual modern slavery statements, policies, and more.

The Benefits to your Business Include:


  • Assessment of your suppliers in bulk, or individually as part of your procurement process

  • Easy onboarding of your supply chain to complete the assessment.

  • Capturing of consistent data at scale across your supply chain. 

  • Reporting and Insights that cover much of the information needed for your annual Modern Slavery Statement

  • Australian-based data storage and support service to meet the highest standards of availability and assistance.

  • ISO 27001 certified data security and privacy controls to protect critical information. 


Reduced Time, Effort, and Cost

Assessing your supply chain is the hardest part of producing your annual Modern Slavery Statement. We make it easy. We run the assessment for you and provide detailed reporting, reducing your manual efforts to collect and aggregate all the data in an easy to use format.

Consistent &
Secure Data

Capture consistent data, at scale, and store supplier responses on a secure platform with ISO certified data security and privacy controls to protect confidential information.

Information for Mandatory Reporting

The rapid assessment highlights the modern slavery risks in your supply chain and empowers you to take positive action. Use the aggregated supply chain reporting to confidently respond to reporting criteria set by the Australian, UK, and Californian Governments

A System of Continuous Improvement:
Risk Reporting, Action Plans, and More.

Individual Supplier Profiles

Client Supplier Profile_2.png

Each supplier who completes the assessment is analysed and assigned a risk category based on their responses.


Individual Supplier Profiles show the supplier’s:

  • Risk category

  • Inherent Risk Score + Unmitigated Risk Score

  • Sectors and locations of operations

  • Sectors and locations of production

  • Sectors and locations of sourcing 

  • Risk mitigation actions

The detailed reporting on each supplier will enable you focus on your follow up actions and risk mitigation efforts on the suppliers with inherent risk and/or no risk controls in place.


The risk mitigation actions empower you take action and inform your organisations contract terms, modern slavery policies, and code of conduct. 

Aggregated Supply Chain Reporting

Aggregated reporting gives you insight into common modern slavery risks across your supply chain.

The Insights Report explains the methodology behind the assessment, explores the segmentation of suppliers into risk categories, and gives an overview of your supply chain, including:

  • Aggregated Risk Scores

  • Sectors of suppliers’ operations, production, and sourcing

  • Locations of suppliers' operations, production and sourcing

  • Breakdown of the identified risks

  • Insights into your suppliers' policies and risk controls

  • Risk mitigation actions

You get the data and report insights to use yourself, or in conjunction with your consultant partners to produce annual modern slavery statements, new policies, and more.

Click here to learn how you can use the aggregated reporting to produce your annual modern slavery statements.


Over 6,000 Customers use our Platforms Every Day

Established in 2015, iPRO is an Australian-based software company that specialises in developing B2B solutions for risk and compliance management, focussed in Modern Slavery Assessments & ESG measurement tools.


Our mission is to provide clients & consultants with fast, easy and affordable technology for risk and compliance management of supply chain partners, contractors, and workers.

Our software & technology is used by over 6,000 companies every single day, to manage their own, or their supplier's risk & compliance.


Easy, Affordable, and Effective Software to
Fast Track your Modern Slavery Statement

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Request a Demo

Schedule a quick demo with one of our product consultants and see how we help you fast track your Modern Slavery Statement.

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